Babbie Mason and her sister, Benita Dear have teamed up to launch, WHJD – What Has Jesus Done, an exciting podcast featuring the amazing things that God has done in the lives of His people. Babbie, an award-winning Christian singer/songwriter and Benita, a math instructional coach at an urban charter school, are siblings and preachers daughters and they know first hand, that sharing Christ with others is tremendously rewarding and easier than you think. In every episode of WHJD-What Has Jesus Done, you’ll be challenged to use your personal testimony of faith as a catalyst to stand up for Christ, step up in faith and speak up about the difference Jesus makes in our lives. You’ll enjoy each exciting guest and the warm-hearted bond that only sisters can share.
Babbie Mason and Benita Dear have also written a great book together called, WHJD – What Has Jesus Done: Inspiring Every Believer to Make a Great Commotion of The Great Commission. The book is encouraging to read and easy to share with friends and family. And of course, Babbie has written a great theme song for this exciting campaign called, What Has Jesus Done. Join the movement and share your faith today. Changing the world for Christ starts with you. WHJD can show you how.

Website: Check out the music and the book at iTunes, Amazon, at your favorite online media outlets or visit the website at www.whjd4you.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/whjd4you

Log on to hear the WHJD – What Has Jesus Done podcast every Sunday afternoon at 4pm eastern right here on www.BabbieMasonRadio.com