Here are a few comments we’ve received from listeners, guests and Indie Artists. Take a moment and e-mail us with your thoughts.

“Vera Okoro of VCO Music” “Hi Ms. Okoro, Sorry for the late message but I was doing some business preparations and decided to take a listen to the Babbie Mason Radio channel and I listened but when you’re song “Cast All You’re Cares” Came on, I was like WHO IS THIS??? This was like the best song I have heard on the radio station!! Wow you have a gift! I  pray you continue to release more and more music.. It sounded like CE CE Winans at  first until I saw it was you.. So Thank you for releasing that song!! So Inspiring. God bless. 🙂  Jeshua”

“After our song, Teach Me Lord. started playing on Babbie Mason Radio we began to get bookings as others heard the song. We have also sold CD’s and books to people who have listened to our interview on Babbie’s House On The Radio. Thank you Babbie for providing an opportunity for us to share Christ with others. We are grateful that you have discovered a way for Christ to be heard all over the world”. – Gary and Gayla Campbell, Texas

“Loved, Loved, Loved the Awesome Broadcast tonight with Betty Z!!!! It was Such a Blessing!!!!! Was so inspired by the ministry  Kyle, & Betty shared!!! Keep on keeping on for the Glory of God!-  Jan Pind

“Betty Zanes’ show tonight was great. She could’ve gone on for another hour with her guests. There was so many strong points-of which I wrote a few down to share with my wife: “salvation is not just about saving ourselves”, “be God-chasers and empower others to do so as well”, “chasing after God and listening”, “if you wait in the Lord, He will strengthen you when you walk”. There’s more, but those are just a few that really resonated with me. Both of the guests are extremely gifted, and more importantly, give credit to God for those gifts. Kyle’s sense of humility is strong and comes across so genuine.  Patrick

“Hello, I just listened to a broadcast on your radio station, ‘I Know Who I Am”, hosted by Betty Taylor. I really enjoyed it. Very informative, and very passionately done. Thank you!” Pastor Jesse-Tulsa, OK

“I am grateful for the “I Know Who’s I am” radio program. I was a featured on Ms. Betty Taylor’s show last night and it was such an awesome experience! I would like to thank you personally for the opportunity, it was such a blessing to share my story, and to hopefully be a blessing and encouragement to others. Ms. Taylor is such a God Chaser and you are truly blessed to have her a part of your ministry”. Demetris R. Westerfield

“Thank you, Betty Zane Taylor, for the opportunity to share my work and my journey. Thank you, Jackie Dove-Miller, for your stirring poetry. Thank you, Father, for using all of us for your glory!” –Leslie-Ann Cunningham

“Hi Ms Betty Z, we enjoyed your show, it was very informative.  Thank you! Oscar

” I so enjoy listening to Babbie Mason Radio! The song selections cover the landscape of Christian music from pop to choral, from hymns to contemporary. I am always learning when I hear Babbie interview music artists. What a treat! Thanks, Babbie, for helping us all keep our eyes on the prize – Jesus!” Eulalia, from Houston, TX

“Wow, Carol Brewer, the host of Bible Chicks did an amazing interview of Petra Spencer Pearce and Racheal Spenser Hewitt about them starring in the soon to be released movie Return to the Hiding Place.Centered around the WWII era when Corrie Ten Boom and her family, hid many families and individuals of the Jewish Faith, from the Nazi death camps. The Almighty GOD was truly with this family, for doing what was right, who unselfishly risk their lives for the benefit of others. This exchange in dialog on the show today has inspired me to further research the truly remarkable woman and her family”. Thank you. – Dr. Diane Abby

“I love Babbie Mason Radio. The station immediately brings me into the presence of God. My favorite show is Sunday Morning Magnify. Keep up the good work Babbie Mason Radio”.  -Ruth from Georgia

“What an explosion to our ministry after having the opportunity to share our music on Babbie Mason Radio! This was certainly one of the best investments we’ve made to date. We are able to share the message of the gospel as it is given to us nationally and internationally. We’ve made friends and connections with other artists and listeners. We look forward to sharing more of our music with the world through Babbie Mason Radio. BMR is God sent to today’s artists who really care about getting their music to those waiting to hear”.    –The Cary Sisters

“Praise GOD for your Radio Ministry.  Babbie I’ve been a longtime fan of yours for years.  Your music is “nothing but the truth”, rightly divided.  The Cary Sister’s are  my nieces and I’m very proud in Christ for what HE’s doing through them. Thank you for your vision in allowing the GOSPEL Good NEWS to be spread throughout the world.  The Cary Sister’s are young women who have been called of GOD for a time such as this.  I pray that you will be blessed and continue to lift up the name of JESUS through music full of the WORD of GOD”.   -Brenda

“I love listening to the Indie Artists on Babbie Mason Radio. Thank you!”  -Billie