Vera Okoro

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Vera Okoro first realized she had the ability to sing as an elementary school student. She began performing in her junior high school choir, then in choirs in church, high school, and college. Vera never thought her singing would be anything more than an extra-curricular activity, but while in college, she gave her life to the Lord and He divinely changed her course. Now, years later, Vera concentrates her efforts, honing her skills as a singer and songwriter. Her efforts have reaped a plethora of benefits as Vera finds herself gracing the stages of churches and auditoriums across the country.

Listeners will be uplifted and inspired by Vera Okoro’s debut album entitled Make Your Way…Songs for the Journey. She describes her unique vocal style as a blend of urban and contemporary gospel, displaying her vocal abilities through her original compositions. She credits the impact of veterans such as Cece Winans, Crystal Lewis and Yolanda Adams, who have influenced her expressive singing style. She says, “I’m a great admirer of each one of them, and their music has definitely impacted me as a vocalist.” Her deepest desire is to spread the presence and the power of God and His word through her music and create an atmosphere where listeners can have a personal encounter with Jesus. To see her sing is to observe a true worshiper, who has a passion to bless and to be a blessing. To hear her sing is an experience that you will long remember.


Facebook: OfficialVeraOkoro

Twitter: @VeraOkoro23

iTunes: VeraOkoro