Valerie Scott

Born Valerie Joyce Hardaway in Columbus, Georgia, she is the youngest of three daughters born to her now deceased parents. Aware that she was a singer as a young girl, the gift was cultivated by the endearment of her mother, who thought that she had the most beautiful voice and encouraged her to showcase her gift by performing for guests in their home, along with her sister, Peggy.  Valerie was always honing her singing skills or performing for their house guests with one of her Mother’s wooden spoons from the kitchen, as her microphone. Valerie had strong aspirations to become a singer.

 Years later, while stationed in Hawaii with her husband, who served in the army, she attended an evening worship service with a friend at a local Church. “Attending this service would prove to be a pivotal moment in my life because it confirmed to me that this gift was given to me by God to be used for His glory. Singing is an integral part of who I am and during the course of my Spiritual Formation, the Lord has used it to enhance the intimacy of our relationship. It is the most natural and authentic way for me to completely express myself to Him.” Toward the end of the service, the pastor, walked up to Valerie and said, “You have a beautiful voice and the Lord is going to use it to touch the Nations.” Prior to this encounter, the two had never seen each other before. “I strongly believe this encounter was a divine appointment to serve as a catalyst to introduce me to my destiny.”

Thirty years later, Valerie embarked upon a journey that she believes was the result of that prophecy she received in Hawaii.  In May 2015 while graduating from college in Virginia Beach, she was overcome with a passion for singing. She left that event desperate for insight, and began diligently seeking the Lord for His direction. Her desire to sing became greater than working for Corporate America. With a newly earned degree in Organizational Leadership and Management, Valerie took a leap of faith and went into the recording studio in July 2015; the result was her first CD, “At Your Feet.”

 Valerie has been invited to share her music at different Church Events, Community Events, and appeared on a TV Talk Show in her hometown. “My greatest desire for my gift is that it be used to awaken the human spirit to God –centered worship, which focuses on the character, the beauty and the actions of God.“

Valerie feels her purpose in life is to share with others how to open their Alabaster Jars to anoint the Lord with worship by expressing the affections they have for Him because of His indescribable and unexplainable love and grace.

 Valerie has been widowed for 4 years and is the proud Mother of three wonderful adult children, two granddaughters, and one Great Granddaughter. Valerie is the founder of AT HIS FEET, LLC.


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