The Cary Sisters

The Cary Sisters are the product of a strong Christian family for multiple generations. Serving in the house of God especially in the music department was just a way of life for the entire family. The music ministry, while the primary ministry to participate in, was just one of many ministries where each of the sisters learned leadership skills. Regardless of the age difference between the oldest to the youngest, the rearing and training by their parents was consistent; consistent standards, consistent requirements and consistent expectations among their unique abilities. Each one received professional vocal training from their father, the late Donald W. T. Cary. They sang in church choirs, community choirs and family singing groups under his leadership. Musicianship was taught and required as they approached all genres of music. The sisters were exposed to it all and was taught how to appreciate it all for its unique value to the music industry. Both their mother, Colleen G. Cary and their father required them to live their lives for the Lord, presenting their bodies as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable. Worship, education, music, the arts and leadership were themes used in their lives to place each of them on a path of purposeful living utilizing each of their gifts.




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