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The Christian Indie Artist is defined as a Christian singer who is not under contractual obligation to a national recording company.The term of the Indie Artist Benefits Package shall be for a period of 30 days. At the end of that 30 day period, the Artist Benefits Package will expire. After the 30 day period has expired, the Indie Artist may choose to purchase the same Artist Benefits package or choose a different Artist Benefits Package, featuring the same song. If the Artist desires to submit a new song, the new song must be screened and go through the entire submission process. After the 30 day term has expired, Babbie Mason Radio is not in any way obligated to continue to play the Artist’s song but may continue to play the song in a rotation that is completely at our discretion at no additional cost to the Indie Artist. After the 30 day term has expired, Babbie Mason Radio is not in any way obligated to continue to feature the Artist’s photograph in the Babbie Mason Radio homepage slider-box, but may continue to feature the artist photograph in a rotation that is completely at our discretion at no additional cost to the Indie Artist. The Artist’s contact information will remain in the artist directory for a period of one year. After that period has expired, Babbie Mason Radio retains the right to remove The Indie Artist profile from the Babbie Mason Radio Artist Directory.