Shelley Jennings

Shelley Jennings is a daughter, wife, mother, professional recording artist, part-time travel consultant, writer, reader, and happy follower of Jesus Christ. After 25 years in worship and speaking ministry, she has become more convinced than ever of God’s unfathomable power in the heavens and his lavish love for people. Her greatest hope is to glorify him in everything she says and everything she does.

In 2006, Shelley released her debut solo studio recording, Redeemed. It drew on her life experiences and her desire to please the one who had brought her to this point. “It feels amazing to be making this record. It seems like a long time in coming, but nothing is wasted with God, including time. I have never considered myself a songwriter and it’s scary to be this vulnerable but these songs have come from my heart. It’s interesting how you gain experience and influence over the course of time, without realizing it or intending to. My musical influences seem vastly different- David Foster, Vince Gill, Debussy- but for me it comes down to beautiful music. I like to think there is a little bit of a lot of different sounds in the stuff I do. I was raised in a Godly family (hymns and church music), with young parents (pop and rock), which led me into a classical music education at a campus where one of the most gifted Christian communicators of our time [Louie Giglio] was teaching a little Bible study that changed my life.

She is a native of Houston, Texas, and a happy transplant to Nashville, Tennessee, where she loves life with John, her husband since 2003, Joey, her dog since 2007, and Annie, her daughter since 2009. Her music is available on iTunes, including Redeemed, a project of original songs, and her latest release, Quiet Rest: Lullabies for the Children of God, celebrating the calming embrace of a loving Father.


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