Raymond Robinson

Raymond Robinson was raised in South Georgia in a God fearing family. He was an usher for his small church as a teen and was saved at a young age. As Raymond grew older, he fell away from God’s word and lived a life not pleasing to God. Raymond spent 20 years talking to God but living the way he wanted to live hoping he could change but not seeing much progress. At the age of 36 Raymond rededicated his life to God and spent a year at a Christ centered recovery center learning how to live for God. This year changed his life.

Raymond began writing songs in 2014 as a way to release the words and emotions inside that needed to be expressed. By his own testimony, God has been faithful to Raymond and he is striving to write songs that address questions people have in everyday life. God gave Raymond a gift of creativity and he desires to use it to lift up God’s mighty name.

Website: bloomnsongs.com

Facebook: bloomnsongs