Neu’Raye (A.K.A. “L. Charleston IV”) is an award winning songwriter and producer whose aspirations have become reality as he realizes new and exciting doors opening for him.  This Michigan native works hard at being a blessing to many through his Christmas, Contemporary Christian/Gospel, R&B/Soul, R&B/Pop, and other styles of music. Neu’Raye has participated in a number of songwriting contests. Although it may appear to be a humble beginning, he believes these contests have been a good starting point. Four of his songs placed in the 2010 27th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest over two different musical genres. In 2011, three of his songs placed in the 28th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, each in different genres, and one of his songs placed in the 2011 Song of the Year Contest. In 2012 Neu’Raye was selected by committee to attend Nashville Songwriters Association International’s (NSAI) Advanced Song Camp. About a year later in 2013, he was recognized by the Nashville Songwriters Association International’s Awards and Recognition System (EARS) as “One to Watch” and had a song recommended for consideration for NSAI’s Pitch to Publisher’s luncheon. In 2014, Neu’Raye entered and placed in the 2014 Song of The Year Contest (3rd round) becoming a finalist in the Instrumental genre and runner-up in the Rock genre with two different songs.

Neu’Raye relaunched an independent publishing company with Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) performance rights organization in 2014, “A NeuRaye Of Sunshine Publishing”, and has several songs in his publishing catalog that are under review for placement with Artists and/or Film/TV. He concentrates on his songwriting and production but periodically his gifts may take him to the stage to perform.

Neu’Raye was noticed by local press due to his diverse (Christian, R&B, Jazz, Pop) performances in the Songwriters Grounded In Grace New Songs Concert in September 2015. He has officially released a different Christmas song entitled “Goodwill” as a single in the 2015 holiday season available on iTunes, CDBaby and many other digital retailers. Simultaneously, he has demonstrated continued service in local music ministries. Neu’Raye looks forward to forming partnerships with like-minded talented individuals and alliances with others in the music industry. Neu’Raye continues to work to perfect his songwriting and production crafts. Ultimately, he desires to elevate careers and help enhance the lives of independent, major, and up and coming artists, through songwriting, production, education, ministry and advocacy.


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