Moriah Schrijn

Moriah Schrijn grew up in a small country town in Northern California, next to the Oregon border. Raised in a faith-based home, Moriah was raised in a church setting where she fell in love with music and the piano. At age five, she remembers at the age of five asking God to give her the gift of playing the piano.

It was not until the age of twelve that she sat in the church sanctuary, placed her fingers on the piano keys and began to play.  She has been playing music by ear ever since and has led worship over the years at several different churches she attended in Oregon.

Moriah began composing her first album,” Immersed,”  in 2015.  The project is extremely personal. She says, “The album was inspired and written by some good and bad experiences in my life. The music portrays God’s unfailing love for me. He has always held me in His hands no matter how bleak things looked at times.” Through her relationship with Christ, she has been able to communicate God’s love and convey His hope, love, and life by encouraging others. If there is one thing she desires to share through the music and the gift God has given her, it’s that we are not alone and that through Christ Jesus, we will find the hope we need.



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