Marlin Harris

Although Marlin was born into a Christian household, regularly attended church, and was baptized at the age of eight, he was in his teens when he realized that something significant was missing in his relationship with God. Marlin was just trying to earn “righteous brownie points” before his Father in Heaven. Then in his junior year of college, he discovered that the “something” missing, was EVERYTHING—Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior. He called Marlin out personally one Sunday evening, about 40 years ago, and from that night on Marlin’s life has never been the same. Jesus has ordered his steps and directed his life to be used for Him. This was only because Marlin continually sought out and obeyed His plan as it has been revealed. Marlin feels so blessed and humbled to be used by Jesus.

Marlin has learned once we are saved, we must learn to depend totally on Jesus and let Him dictate our path. He already knows where He wants to take us which will make us the best we can be and use us in ways we never dreamed. We must surrender daily to the power of the Holy Spirit to fill us with His Spirit and Fruit, to enable us to live above the circumstances of life, and seek to be an instrument of Our Lord every second.

Marlin has had the privilege to serve on various foreign mission fields (Bangladesh, Costa Rica, and Paraguay) for 15 years, however for the last 13 years God has placed him on a different mission field to touch young lives as a Spanish high school teacher. His calling is to be a positive influence, demonstrate God’s love, and serve as an example.

 In 2012, God called Marlin as a writer. First, he was led to write about His Beatitudes, “Let the Beatitudes Be My Attitude in You,”, then to write “The Beatitudes Bible Study Leader Guide” with accompanying lesson power-points. Then Marlin was inspired to write songs about His Beatitudes, “The Beatitudes Life” album, which is all about how we should find bountiful spiritual living under the divine leadership of the Holy Spirit each day.

One day soon my desire is to be able to write full time for Jesus. He continues to inspire and give me new ideas every day about the Beatitudes and beyond!




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