Mark Henry

Mark Henry is dedicated to writing music that glorifies God and lifts up people. His soulful and contemporary Christian/gospel music style is flavored with R&B, Pop and traditional gospel influences, making his music appealing to all ages. Mark is a man who loves God’s Word and he hopes that his music will either serve as a source of conviction, compelling those who do not know Christ to give their hearts to Him, or serve as a source of confirmation to comfort, encouraging those who do know the Lord.

Mark hopes that his music will be a bridge that brings believers together. He hopes to challenge people to understand that they have a reason for being alive. He says, “We all need to find our unique purpose by which God has created us. It doesn’t matter what race or ethnicity we are. In doing this, we will be contributing to the local, national and universal body of Christ.

A soft-spoken and extremely humble man, Mark Henry’s music is a bold declaration of his love for Christ and his love for great gospel music. He is using his gifts and talents to help build God and his kingdom.




Available for: Weddings, Church Events, Concerts and Festivals Contact Information via Facebook or phone – 661 816 0635