Linda Haag

Linda is a singer/songwriter. She has sung at ladies’ retreats and several churches throughout the southeast as well as on mission trips overseas. She is a pastor’s wife, a mother, a grandmother and a great grandmother. Her passion is singing and writing about the love of God to give hope and encouragement to everyone no matter where they are in life.

She started writing poems and songs while going through some difficult times. These writings were very personal to her and she didn’t share them with anyone. But as time passed she understood the words God gave her should be used to give others hope and point them to Christ.

Linda and her husband, David, started a ministry in the mid 90’s after going on a mission trip to Russia and Ukraine. They felt a calling from God to raise money to help build churches in Ukraine in order to spread God’s message of love to the Ukrainian people. Each year they were able to help on these projects through the generosity of churches in the southeast. God also allowed Linda and David to live in Italy for a year ministering to military families and others in the area. The church was located near Naples, Italy.

One of her favorite Bible passages is Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 telling us that there are different seasons in life and no matter where we are or what we are going through God is with us and has a plan for us if we just turn to Him. The message Linda wants her writings to remind us of is that with Christ there is always hope.

As Linda looks back over her life she can see how God’s hand of love watched over, provided for her and guided her into His perfect will. With God this life is an amazing journey.

Facebook: LindaHaag