Kim Ketola

Kim Ketola is a gifted storyteller and singer whose passion is to give a voice to the love of God. Her lyrics and vocals are beautifully inspired and come straight from the heart. Kim’s early radio career as a disc jockey and music director helped hone her ear for songs with staying power and messages that matter. Kim is compelled to exercise her gifts as a singer and songwriter and continues to develop her musical skills, studying voice with Lisa Kelly of Celtic Woman fame.

As an advocate for the prevention of abortion and spiritual healing in the aftermath, Kim partners with local and national ministries to help create awareness and promote healing for those who have suffered the trauma of abortion. Proceeds from sales of Let Love Love You will go to support the work of the pregnancy help movement, offering women and men a true choice through local pregnancy resource centers. Kim hosts a weekly national broadcast and podcast at Cradle My Heart Radio. Her award-winning book, Cradle My Heart, Finding God’s Love After Abortion, features a Foreword by Ruth Graham and was a Finalist for the Evangelical Christian Press Association’s 2013 Book of the Year. She is also a keynote speaker for churches, pregnancy center fundraisers and community groups, and a Member of the Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame.



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