Keysha Taylor

Keysha Edwards Taylor’s gifts are many and she seizes every opportunity to use her plethora of gifts in her music ministry that spans over two decades. Across the years, she has exercised her gifts as singer, songwriter, arranger, studio musician, and concert artist. 

After completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Music, Keysha began serving as lead musician and worship director at Journey Church (Grace Communion International) in Miami, Florida, where she has served the past 20 years. Keysha has the ability to communicate to a diverse audience and credits her musical training and exposure to all kinds of music while growing up in the Bahamas. 

Keysha admits that she has faced her share of challenges, but finds that those challenges have only motivated her. After some highs and lows, she has released her solo EP Album entitled Deep – Songs From Within. Keysha’s musical style is influenced by her colorful background and consists of a beautiful blend of Classical, R&B, with hints of Jazz and Island Rhythms.