Kari Rimbey

After growing up in Walla Walla, Washington, Kari Rimbey married and moved with her husband to Anchorage Alaska. Eventually settling in the Palouse region of eastern Washington, she spent the majority of her time raising three girls, serving in teen ministry, and facilitating and apologetic’s class for adults.  She is currently the story lady for a weekly children’s ministry, where she attempts to mesmerize up to forty K-2nd graders.

In 2017, Six years after remodeling a 100-year- old commercial building and opening a coffee shop, Kari received a Writer’s Digest award for a short story. Several months before the marriage of her youngest daughter, Kari published her first novel. Now a grandmother, she is out of the coffee business and pursuing a career as a fiction writer. Above all, she wants her writing to glorify God and point to his saving grace.

My parents fostered over 30 children during my childhood, and adopted two. For one year, I had an autistic foster brother named Scotty. I was nine yrs. old at the time and he was five. He was adopted by another couple, and my parents adopted his two siblings. Scotty is the inspiration for my main character’s son.

Another character, a six-year-old girl, is inspired by my oldest granddaughter who has a heart condition known as dextrocardia (heart leans the opposite way). Her birth doctor (a Catholic priest), cried with joy, when my daughter and her husband informed him that abortion was not an option. Her middle name is Faith. Today she is a healthy third grader that reads far above her grade level. A little humor makes its way into the story via the character patterned after my granddaughter. The heart condition is briefly mentioned in the novel, but not a central point.

Dr. Monica Hardie inspired me to pursue writing. After losing her practice, and almost her life to kidney failure, she moved to my small, farming town to be with family in her final days. But God had other plans. She came out of hospice care and would write in my coffee shop. We did have something in common. By “coincidence”, if there is such a thing, Dr. Hardie was also from my hometown and in my high-school class. We continue to write together.



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