Joanna Norris

Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter and recording artist, Joanna Norris communicates the message of Jesus Christ, performing in various venues across the country as well as in Haiti and Dominica in the West Indies. A native of Western Kentucky, she has lived and served in ministry in the Northeast Florida area for 26 years.

Since the tender age of 7, Joanna continues to sharpen her skills as singer and continues vocal performance training in order to hone her talent. Joanna’s spirit of service begins at her home church where she has been a soloist, praise team leader and choir member for decades as well as a women’s Bible study leader and altar member.

Joanna has the opportunity to sing before all types of audiences. Possessing a deep passion for women’s ministry, Joanna Norris particularly enjoys sharing the hope she has discovered in Christ in women’s conferences and retreats. Her God-story is compelling. She knows what it is to go through seasons of love and loss.

“My journey, like most people, hasn’t always been easy. The Lord has used the dark, difficult times in my life as well as His daily blessings to mold me and make me into the person I am today,” Joanna reflected. “My original lyrics reflect my life-journey with God. He wants me to use those life experiences to give others hope, comfort and encouragement.”

Her new single, “Hold Me Jesus” was written several years after the death of her father to brain cancer. She wanted to write a song about how God literally carried her through every step of her grief journey during that dark, difficult time of her life. Just recently, Joanna has battled some serious health issues of her own, learning in the process, what it’s like to trust God on a daily basis. She believes that going those tough places serves an eternal purpose for it’s from those challenges many of her heart-felt songs have been inspired.

“God has gifted Joanna with a beautiful voice and the ability to write lyrics that connect with people and communicate her passion for Christ,” said Alan Walker, minister of Worship & Music at Neptune Baptist Church. “I was privileged to have her in my music ministry for five years, and I can say without a doubt that her passion is to glorify God and be a blessing to people by being faithful with her gift.”

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