Pastor Jesse Gist

Pastor Jesse Gist is a dedicated and caring pastor, minstrel and psalmist. He has been the pastor of The House of Glory in Tulsa Oklahoma since 1992. His wife diligently serves beside him to lead a thriving congregation. An accomplished musician, Pastor Gist has been singing since the tender age of 4. Pastor Gist’s love for music was nurtured by his grandmother, who insisted that he use his voice for God. At age 4, he sang his very first solo, which was the gospel classic, “Satisfied”.

That love for gospel music grew to become a deep passion throughout Pastor Gist’s college career, when he launched and directed several choirs. Since then, numerous doors have opened, giving Pastor Gist many opportunities to sing and preach throughout the United States. He firmly believes that anointed praise and worship music destroys yokes and removes burdens off of God’s people and is a weapon to defeat the enemy.

He is a loving husband, dedicated father of six, and a doting grandfather of thirteen. 


Instagram: Pastorjessegist