Jeanette Hawes

Grammy Award and American Music Awards winner, Jeanette Marie Hawes is one of the original members of the world-renowned Emotions singing group. She began singing with her two sisters as the Hutchinson Sunbeams at a very early age. The Emotions are recognized as one of the premier singing groups in American history, with numerous awards worldwide. Jeanette is also a songwriter, actor, and author. She is the mother of three children.

Born and raised in Chicago, she moved to Los Angeles in 1977 during the peak of the Emotions’ stellar recording career. Throughout the eighties and nineties, the Hutchinson sisters toured the world headlining live concerts. Their career includes the development of a stage musical about their lives. The musical, entitled Bigger Than Bubble Gum chronicled the career highlights of the Emotions, which they performed six weeks at the Pasadena Playhouse Theater in June 1997. As part of the Emotions, Jeanette is a recipient of many awards including 1995 NAACP Legend Award and 2001 Rhythm and Blues Pioneer Awards. The group garnered seven platinum albums over the course of an outstanding recording career that continues to be heard even today in the twenty-first century.

In November 2000 Jeanette began her career with the Music Center, Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles. Presently is an Associate Producer of the Music Center’s Spotlight program. This opportunity with the Music Center seems to have been tailor made for the multi-faceted baby boomer.

Jeanette has never abandoned her creative talents as an actor/singer. Accepting roles that challenge her to grow as a theatrical artist and to use her creative gifts, she has performed in four plays in Los Angeles since July 2000. Notably, the March, 2002 edition of Back Stage West reviewed her singing role in The Ninth Step by saying “

[Jeanette Hawes,] as mama, treats us to her heavenly voice….”

In 1977 Jeanette joined Crenshaw Christian Center where she was a member for fourteen years. During this time she met Pastor Beverly “Bam” Crawford and their friendship began. Jeanette sings with her church’s music ministry and was a featured singer on the CD Bam Crawford’s Purpose, “Because of Jesus”. Her first published book under the pseudonym Jeanette Marie and is entitled Special Blessings. It is an account of the journal that she kept about her youngest son, who was autistic. Although he was the victim of a fatal car accident in 1998, Jeanette believes the book will serve as a powerful testimonial about her successful use of herbs and prayer instead of drugs to treat her son during his life.


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