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Thanks for inquiring about how to promote your book on Babbie Mason Radio. At Babbie Mason Radio, we endeavor to support the ministries of Christian authors – those authors who write, publish and promote their own books independently of a major book publisher.  When you purchase the Author Promotional Package, your book will get the exposure it deserves. This is what you’ll get: A full-length interview with Babbie Mason, to be played on Babbie Mason Radio on a regular basis. You’ll get your photo and bio on the Babbie Mason Radio website, sound bytes of your interview played in heavy rotation on the station, social networking support and more. All of that for a one-time cost of only $299.00. We consider it a real honor to help Christian authors get the word out about their books and provide an online community where the God-stories of Christian authors can be shared on a global platform. To help further that goal, we invite Christian authors to contact us for possible promotion on BabbieMasonRadio.com. To learn how to get started keep reading!

Are you an author who is on the roster of a major book publisher? There are other promotional opportunities available on BabbieMasonRadio.com for all authors, whether you’re at the industry level or you’re considered an independent author. If you have a radio talk show or daily short feature and you’d like to increase your listening audience, contact us for more information.



If you have written and published a book for a Christian audience, your book is available to the public and you would like to promote your book on Babbie Mason Radio – you only need to follow a few simple steps.

First, you need to know that Babbie Mason Radio is all about quality. We believe that God is pleased when we do our best. So we want to celebrate great Christian authors with quality books that contain great Christian content for a global audience. We don’t publish books! But we can help get the word out about yours! It helps to make your book available at your website or at online book outlets like Amazon. With your efforts and ours, you can reach more people.  We encourage Christian authors, of various genres, with great God-stories to submit material to us for promotion on Babbie Mason Radio.

Christian authors have the opportunity to share their books and tell the world what’s going on in their ministries through a number of different ways here on Babbie Mason Radio. So we encourage you to submit material only if you think your presentation is professional and your book is as well written as anything you would purchase at  a Christian bookstore or a reputable online Christian bookstore. Once you fill out the inquiry form, we will be in touch with you to tell you more about how we can further help you promote your book and take Good News to the world. Sound good? Keep reading!



If you are a self-published author who believes that your book meets this standard, Babbie Mason Radio invites you to follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill out and submit the Babbie Mason Radio Author Submission Form. CLICK HERE

  2. Keep your eyes peeled for an email response from our staff.

  3. We’ll send you simple instructions on the next step to promoting your book on Babbie Mason Radio.

It’s just that simple! After you submit the Babbie Mason Radio Book Submission Form, you’ll be one step closer to fulfilling the dream of getting the word out about your book and your story. Please fill out the form and click submit. We will be in contact with you soon. Thank you!