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Thanks for inquiring about how to get your music played on Babbie Mason Radio. At Babbie Mason Radio, we endeavor to support the music and the ministries of Christian Independent artists- those christian artists who write, record, and promote their own music independently of major record labels. When you purchase a promotional package on Babbie Mason Radio, your music will get the exposure it deserves. Packages feature interviews, your photo on the Babbie Mason Radio website, your music in heavy rotation on the station, social networking and more. Packages begin for a little as $99.00. We consider it a real honor to provide an online community where the music and the life stories of Independent Artists can be heard. To help us further that goal, we invite Independent artists to submit their music for possible play on our station.


  How do we decide whose music gets played on Babbie Mason Radio?

First, we want you to know that Babbie Mason Radio upholds the highest standards of Christian excellence and quality set by the music and entertainment industry. In other words, we want to showcase music that is biblically sound, extremely encouraging, and well produced. (And it will help you as an artist if your music is available online – like at your website or on iTunes.) In other words, we aim to showcase music that is as good as or better than the music you hear on Christian radio, TV and film. If you believe your music upholds these standards, then congratulations! You’ve come to the right place and you’re ready to take the next step.


  Does your music need a little help?

If you think your music doesn’t quite meet these standards and you need a little help, there’s a solution for you too. We invite you to attend Babbie Mason’s Inner Circle, a weekend music conference created with the independent artist in mind. At The Inner Circle attendees discover how to launch a music ministry, hone singing, songwriting and communication skills, learn about the music business, network with peers, and implement effective on-line marketing strategies. Registering for the Inner Circle can help you fine tune your songwriting crafts and your vocal abilities. Attending The Inner Circle can also allow you the opportunity to learn from a variety of music and media industry professionals who teach and discuss all of the latest topics important to artists in the industry today. Check it out at www.babbie.com.



If you have or your group has a song you’d like to submit – you only need to follow a few simple steps. First, you’ll need to select one of your songs that you believe will fit into one of these genres:

  • Contemporary Christian (Similar to Laura Story, Jamie Grace, Tobie Mac and Matthew West)
  • Contemporary Worship (Similar to Hill Song, Matt Redmond, Third Day, Phillips, Craig and Dean)
  • Urban Gospel (Similar to Israel Houghton, Ce Ce Winans, Tasha Cobb, James Fortune, Mary Mary)
  • Children’s Music
  • Christmas Music
  • Instrumental Renditions of any of the a fore mentioned categories are welcome, too!

Your selection may be a song that you’ve written yourself and recorded in a studio. It could be a composition that was performed and recorded in a LIVE concert venue. It could even be a cover tune. Your song may be a single or a cut from your latest recording project. It doesn’t matter – just as long as you think it’s just as good as anything you hear on radio, TV or the movies and it fits into one of the three genres stated above.



If you are an independent artist who believes that your music meets this standard, Babbie Mason Radio invites you to follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill out and submit the Babbie Mason Radio song submission form. CLICK HERE

  2. Keep your eyes peeled for an email response from our staff.

  3. We’ll send you simple instructions on the next step to submitting your song for review.

It’s just that simple! After you submit the Babbie Mason Radio Song Submission Form, you’ll be one step closer to fulfilling the dream of getting your music played for all the world to hear. Please fill out the form below and click submit. We will be in contact with you soon. Thank you!