Greg Freeman

Babbie Mason once called Greg Freeman “the best kept secret in gospel music.”  Babbie and Greg have been friends for over a decade now.  Greg has been a Babbie’s House guest on multiple occasions, and  he has co-written a number of songs with Babbie, including “Look at Me Now,” recorded by the award-winning trio 11th Hour, and “So Good to Know,” the title track for The Chitans’ 2018 Lynda Randle-produced release.  Greg’s country single, “Sunlight and Shadows,” has garnered international airplay, including rotation on Babbie Mason Radio.

As for Greg’s gospel music debut, Blessing and Blessing, the secret’s out!  The project includes Bill Gaither’s classic, “If It Keeps Gettin’ Better,” like you’ve never heard it before.  Babbie joins Greg for a duet on their song, “Oh, What a Change in My Life,” a song inspired by a church sign and co-written over the phone (thanks to Bluetooth technology!) as Babbie fought Atlanta rush hour traffic.  Gospel Music Hall of Famer Calvin Newton, 88 at the time of the recording, duets with Greg on the Oak Ridge Boys’ 1970s hit, “I Know.”  And the project closes out with the decidedly progressive “Nothing Can Separate Me (from Your Love)” and the moving and worshipful, “Lord, You’ve Been Good to Me,” both of which were written by Greg and Babbie.

“I am so unworthy of the grace and mercy of God.  On any given day when I’m just average, even on those days when I’ve drifted and gone the wrong direction, I see His mighty works and I feel His powerful hand in my life,” Greg says.  “That has made me fathom, as much as my mind can comprehend, just how much God loves me and how He can do so many amazing things when I’m in total surrender to Him and His will.  Just like the song says, he just ‘keeps on blessin’ and blessin’ and I’m humbled that He has blessed me with talents and gifts and enabled me to bless others with the good news of Jesus Christ through my music.”