Forrest Wakeman

Forrest began his journey into the world of music at the age of six, when his parents could always find him at one of several pianos in his church after the service every Sunday. Seeing an opportunity to foster his interest in music, they purchased a $75 rehabbed player piano and got him started on lessons. He has never looked back!

In his college days, he had his first experience in Christian music, playing keyboards with a band called The Innocence. Upon graduation, he spent the next twelve years as part of the two-man writing and performing duo Felix Culpa, a group that shared the stage with Jars of Clay in 1994 at the GMA New Artist Spotlight competition in Nashville (Jars of Clay won the competition and pretty much launched their career from that event).

During those years, a negative experience turned him away from Christian music and toward the world of academia. With that turn, he stopped writing. Two graduate degrees and a fourteen-year career in higher education later, Forrest found himself at a crossroads in life, both spiritually and vocationally, and landed in one of the last places he  expected to be – working part-time as a music director for his church. It was there, in that in-between place, that Forrest truly began to struggle with his faith and his calling. It took two significant events – the loss of his father and the loss of his marriage – to force him to finally come face to face with the question of whether God was real, and whether his faith truly mattered.

The songs represented in his new project, Messes to Miracles, are the outworking of that process. They reflect lament, struggle, and the questions that so often come when things in life don’t turn out the way we expect. They reflect the desire to find out if God is really there, and they reflect the peace from God – in the midst of intense pain – that cannot be explained. They reflect the fact that there are no easy answers when it comes to faith and understanding God’s sovereignty and grace, but also offer a picture of the hope and strength that can only come through faith. And they offer a clear declaration of praise for who God is and the way He works in our lives.

It is Forrest’s desire moving forward to help the church body in its worship of the God who grants peace in the midst of struggle. He plans to continue writing new worship


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