Doris Harrison

Doris Jean Harrison is an American singer/songwriter of Gospel music. Born in St. Louis, Missouri and raised in Oakland, California, there has always been a steady stream of church music to impact her life, including the songs of the Gospel music legends who originated from the California Bay area. Doris also recalls a time when she was facing a number of challenges in her personal life; She found few reliable sources to turn to. So she looked within her own heart to find her faith in God that was nurtured as a child. Her love for God and the church gave her the inspiration and the solace she so desperately needed. Leaning on those childhood experiences, she began to express her heart in writing poetry. Those creative forms of expression became immediate places of refuge for her.

Writing about her relationship with the Lord Jesus has given her stability and a rock-solid foundation to stand on. She says of her relationship, “Once I found the Lord, I began to transform my poems into love songs of appreciation. I’ve had the opportunity to perform these songs as a worship leader. I am blessed to see how they impact others for God.”

Doris Jean Harrison hopes that her music will inspire and encourage others to develop a more intimate relationship with Christ. She hopes others will be moved by her music and that their relationship with Christ is made stronger.



Contact: 510-517-3819