Diann Shumate

Diann Shumate was shy and insecure as an only child who was born in Mississippi and raised in California. But music always seemed to provide an open door to express her love for God and her passion for singing. As a child, she didn’t realize she had a gift to music because she didn’t receive much affirmation concerning her voice, but as she got older and began singing in choirs and studio vocal sessions, she began to receive the encouragement she longed for. She sang background vocals in venues such as The House of Blues Gospel Brunches and the Bobby Jones show.

Today Diann enjoys sharing her music on stage, having joined a number of music teams who lead praise and worship, along with various opportunities to appear in the theater and jazz venues. She has a deep desire to encourage people with her music because she knows the power of uplifting words and music.

Diann Shumate is the mother of two sons and a grandmother of five.


Email:  Zyiar@msn.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diann.shumate