Cynthia Hill

Cynthia Hill’s experience as a caregiver is very personal. Her book, Care For The Caregiver, comes as a result of caring for several members of her family. Her caregiver journey started when she was twenty-seven years old. Her grandmother died from diabetes complications after suffering a stroke which left her unable to walk or talk. Her second journey led her to care for her first husband to whom she had been married to for twenty-six years before his illness.  He lost his leg and several fingers and was also a dialysis patient who later lost his fight after a two year battle from diabetes complications. Her third journey was with her oldest son who was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of seventeen. He lost his leg and is currently dealing with several medical issues. She continues to be his caregiver when it is needed.

One day she received a phone call that her paternal grandmother had taken sick. This journey led her to travel from her home of South Carolina to Maryland to care for her. Her grandmother refused to move to South Carolina so she was placed in a nursing home. She kept in contact with the nursing home staff to get updates concerning her medical condition and made any necessary decision that were needed for her medical care. After three years of caregiving she was finally convinced to move to South Carolina however she died before the move could take place. Her next journey was assisting her brother as a caregiver for their stepmother who lived in New Jersey. She had been ill for a short period of time before her death. Her most recent journey was caregiver to her second husband. When they married they had both experienced the death of a spouse.  In their third year of marriage her husband had a stroke which left him without the use of his right side. It was God who helped her journey day after day for four years.

Cynthia has learned through her caregiver experiences and the other challenges of life that there cannot be a testimony without a test. She says, “You don’t know what God can do for you and through you without experiencing the difficulties of life.  As a result, I am more confident of who I am in Christ. I am a better person because of what I have overcome.” In her book, Cynthia shares her personal experiences as well as words of encouragement for the caregiver who may be overwhelmed or overworked due to caring for a loved one. She recalls that she often needed to slip away to a quiet place to refresh her spirit by reading a few paragraphs of a short devotion or a few verses from the Bible. She hopes that her book can offer some uplifting words to the caregiver in a similar situation.

Her professional experience is in the area of social work in child welfare services. She started as a child protective services investigator and retired as a program director after nearly twenty years of public service. Dedicated to helping people, Cynthia has always known the church to be an integral part of her life and ministry. Her grandmother always made sure that she and her brother attended Sunday school and church on a regular basis.  Today Cynthia celebrates 15 years as an adult Sunday school teacher for the adult class in her home church. A graduate of William Paterson University, Cynthia received her Master’s Degree in Education from Seton Hall University. She married after college, is the mother of three sons and the grandmother of two.