Claudia Lofton Boelte

If you looked down at your cat one day and your cat looked back up at you and BARKED, you would be most surprised.  When Claudia Lofton Boelte was waked up from a dead sleep with a song, words and music, she was probably even more surprised than hearing a cat bark! And when many more songs kept intruding into her life, Claudia knew something was up!

Her years as a French/English teacher, college accounting instructor, IRS agent/manager, award winning oilfield service company owner, and business consultant had never prepared her for any musical journey except for the extreme discipline required.  And the ten plus years she’d spent trying to survive severe Addison’s disease had not given her much cause to sing.  In fact, Claudia is not a singer.

But, God was not through with her!  Only He could send songs that included many genres and musical styles.  Claudia’s Nashville producer, Ronnie Brookshire, would call these songs “out of the box” and “all over the place.”  The God messages were woven from the pop country “Bayou Dip” to the folksy “Get Ready” to the sacred “I Will Be There” to the soulful “Beam Me Up, Jesus” to the expansive “Paint Me a Sky.”  Claudia likes to say the music she gets is so many styles because God loves all His children.

Only God could have taken Claudia’s music from a South Louisiana bayou bank to a Nashville recording studio, to The Nashville String Connection, and to the FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague in the wildest journey of her life.  She would say that God healed her life through the messages of this music and her witnessing His parting the waters for it.

 Now her greatest joy is to see the healing and wonderment these songs are bringing to others in her first album called FINDING FREEPOINT and her second album REAL. Her third album, BE HEALED, will be released soon. In this album, replete with majestic orchestration interspersed with energizing instrumentals, it is as though God’s spirit speaks directly to man’s spirit.

 At age 48, Claudia Lofton Boelte received a dire diagnosis that brought her to the brink of death on several occasions.  She could not know it at the time, but her Heavenly Father still had an earthly mission for her to fulfill in bringing beautiful music to a very broken world.  Yes, Claudia is “out of the box” and “all over the place” for God, and she wants everyone to experience this level of healing and freedom that can be found only in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.


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