Clarkwise is a gospel group of annointed sisters who have been singing together since the ages of 8, 9, & 10 years old.

CLARKWISE consists of sisters, Rochell – Minister, Sandra – Helps Ministry and LaTanya – Prophet, whose tight harmony was developed from years of singing in support of their father, Dr. Harry L Clark, Sr, who is their Pastor. This tightly knit group believes that charity begins at home, and works diligently within their father’s ministry.

HOLY GHOST POWER is the title cut from the group’s debut CD. It begins with a lush tight vocal arrangement over a live string ensemble, but transitions to a fresh, powerful production with a strong, unforgettable hook. Rochell Clark Irving of Clarkwise takes the lead on the song and eloquently extols the virtues of having the Holy Ghost Power in one’s life.

We love the Power. We live the Power. Now we get to sing about the power!


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