Chrissy Bradford

Songs in My Sleep has been an incredible journey that began in 2004 for Chrissy Bradford. She began waking up in the middle of the night with songs on her mind. The chorus would always come first, then the main verses, and thne finally the bridge. She thought that they must be songs, or at least melodies she had heard in the past that were hidden in her subconscious. Chrissy would ask her husband and friends if they had heard the songs and the answer was always “No, but I like it”.

You may be saying “So what? A lot of people write music.” You see, Chrissy readily admits she cannot sing, nor does she play any musical instrument. God was obviously doing something. The story of the ultimate production of these songs is beyond what Chrissy could have planned on her own. Through multiple connections only God could arrange, these songs were produced by multiple Grammy and Dove Award winner Mark Heimermann (producer of the Newsboys, D.C. Talk, Michael W. Smith…) in his studio in Nashville.

Seven songs later, Chrissy was praying “Lord, what am I supposed to do with these?” The songs were clearly a gift. So she decided to use the gift for blessing others. All proceeds from the sale of the songs are donated directly to Wellspring International (, a ministry within Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Wellspring International identifies existing organizations aiding women and children at risk, giving financial support to vetted projects and providing individual scholarships to support education, healthcare, and basic living needs. It is a truly worthy and necessary ministry. Chrissy’s prayer is that all who hear these songs will be truly blessed. To God be all the glory.

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