Charity Zisengwe

From the time she was a child, growing up in Zimbabwe, Charity Zisengwe was destined to make beautiful music. She has always loved music, but started singing in high school, during which she led a vibrant interdenominational student choir for four years. She began to experiment with song writing in 2003. However, she always used to wonder how songwriters came up with ideas for melodies and lyrics that she would hear on radio. Intrigued, she decided to seek help in order to take her writing and music ministry to a higher level. That led her to attend The Babbie Mason Music Conference International in 2004. There she learned the rudiments of songwriting and discovered how to build a music ministry from the ground up, stockpiling her artillery as an independent music artist. She went back home and rewrote all her songs. She returned to the conference in 2006 to win the First Place prize in the songwriting competition. Charity Zisengwe constantly hones her gift as a songwriter, combining her love for music with her unique style that blends heartfelt lyrics and beautiful melodies that are reminiscent of her homeland.

A prolific songwriter, recording artist and speaker, Charity has since released two recordings and continues to write songs. After releasing her projects, she has received invitations from many churches and ministries to sing and speak. According to CCLI, since 2010 several of her songs are being used in churches in the United States and Canada. Her music is a mainstay on radio and television around the country.


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