CarolLee Miles began her songwriting career after an inspirational trip to the Holy Land in 1996 when a bomb went off in Jerusalem and shook the hotel windows where her tour group was lodging.  Returning home from that experience CarolLee began writing prolific poetry and in her words “was lead to various artists” around the US who transposed the poems into song lyrics.

Four different composers had a hand in the compilation of the 18-song CD entitled Peace and either personally sang the songs or had a demo-recording artist sing the various tunes.   Also in her words “It’s been quite a peace journey, to say the least.  I never dreamed of becoming an Executive Producer of a CD in 1999 while in my fifties!”

CarolLee  began her career in the travel and tourism industry with Ports of Call Travel Club in Denver, CO, in 1986.  By 1990, she had already escorted tour groups on all seven continents and has since added even more countries and cruises to her resume.  While she found land tours fascinating, she quickly discovered a passion for cruise ships.

After obtaining a BA Degree from the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO, and a certification from the International Tour Management Institute in San Francisco, CA, CarolLee  has traveled the world professionally as a Tour Director/Cruise Host with various companies.  Many of the lyrics on the CD Peace came to her while cruising the various oceans and rivers of the world.  She has used her self-proclaimed title “Ambassador of Peace” to share the CD with orphanages and charitable organizations internationally.

Living near Charlotte Harbor, FL and Denver, CO with her husband Larry Love, Ms. Miles is author of “A Chosen Career in Cruise Hosting” and is available for public speaking around the globe and on cruise ships.  Some of her favorite titles are “Finding Peace in Terrorist Times,” ‘Understanding Abuse: A Spiritual Quest,” “Dream it! Speak it! Write it! Live it!” and “Fighting F-E-A-R with L-U-C-K (Love Until Creation Knocks).”  


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