Cantaloupe Cafe with Babbie Mason and Donna Douglas

Join award-winning songwriters Babbie Mason and Donna Douglas as they celebrate over 3 decades of friendship and songwriting. Their delightful friendship began one sunny summer afternoon when they met over a mound of cantaloupe at the local grocer. As they went through the ritual of thumping and sniffing for the ripest melon, they realized their mutual love for songwriting. Thirty-six years later, they’re still writing songs that Babbie and the whole world are still singing while they enjoy being the best of friends. Babbie and Donna have penned some of the most recorded songs in Christian music, including All Rise, He’ll Find A Way, All in Favor, Pray On, What Can Separate You, A Place Called Sisterhood, Love Like That and many more.
Pull up to the table and enjoy the back stories of their songs, side-splitting laughter, huge doses of encouragement and great music as Babbie and Donna serve up a sweet slice of life on Cantaloupe Cafe every Saturday afternoon at 2pm eastern here on