Babbie Mason with “Babbie’s House on the Radio” at 5:00 p.m. eastern time Monday thru Friday

Babbie Mason has been engaging people in exciting conversations on Babbie’s House, her television talk show, for almost two decades. Babbie’s House is seen on DirecTV and numerous cable outlets nationwide. Now she takes the Babbie’s House TV format to the radio to interview exciting new artists whose music you will hear on, an online hub where the music and life stories of Christian Indie Artists and upstarts are celebrated. Typically, these new artists don’t have many opportunities in mainstream media to step into the spotlight. But, Babbie Mason believes everybody has a story worth telling. She enjoys giving new upstarts in Gospel music the chance to share their music and God stories with the world. Babbie has created Babbie’s House On The Radio, a 30 minute audio magazine, to give unsigned Christian artists a place to showcase their music and all the exciting things happening in their lives and ministries. On Babbie’s House On The Radio, it’s all about showcasing up and coming Indie Artists – those singers and songwriters who record their own music and perform independently of major labels. You’ll hear the unique stories of housewives, college professors, voice coaches, entrepreneurs, computer analysts, college students, and more. Babbie’s House On The Radio is heard daily at