Antoinette Upchurch

Antoinette Upchurch is a woman of extraordinary faith. This faith caused her to believe God when the doctors said her granddaughter, Kaiden would never live beyond the age of 3 months.  The medical report was extremely bleak, but this woman believed and held fast to a hope in God, rather than believe the report medical science gave  her. Antionette’s book, God’s Little Sunshine”, chronicles her journey of faith. It’s a book that has been birthed out of pain, hurt, loneliness, depression, defeat, healing, encouragement, miracles and the greatest of all LOVE. The author, Antoinette Upchurch, experienced every one of these emotions with her precious, angelic granddaughter, Kaiden, whose heart of gold and her compassion is experienced on every page of this book. Antionette shares with transparent honesty, her day to day joys and challenges, as she cares for Kaiden, her wide-eyed, beautiful granddaughter. Kaiden’s life has caused the entire Upchurch family to love deeply, unconditionally and see God’s miraculous hand in her beautiful little life. She’s showing all of them how to love beyond measure and to believe for the impossible.