Elder Aloma Mason-Stanislaus

Elder Aloma Amanda Mason Stanislaus, a writer and minister of the Gospel, has been in intercessory ministry for over thirty years. She has experience the work of the mighty hand of God, through prayer, performing wonders during these years. At the age of 25, she had an experience where she heard a voice calling her name and told her about something she was doing that no one knew about. She then realized that was the Almighty God who knows the heart of all men. She went to her bedside, for three hours she labored in prayer with sweat and tears as she agonized before God on her knees, she felt sins forgiven and iniquities pardon. That day she learned what it is to intercede.

Aloma was the Director of the local Women’s ministry then later as her gifts made room for her; she became Director of the district which included 4 other Islands. She hosted a convention in Antigua where people from other churches in the West Indies, which were a part of that fellowship attended; that was a real blessing.  She formed intercessory prayer groups which was also great success to the body.

As the General Director she would travel to Trinidad, the headquarters, yearly for conferences. She was also the Assistant Director of the Women’s Aglow the Antigua chapter of a worldwide organization. She was ordained as Evangelist, became the junior Choir Leader, writer and composer.   Aloma was ordained Minister of the Gospel and pastored a church 1 year prior to migrating to the USA. Since Aloma has been ordained an Elder, appointed Assistant Director of Sunday school.   The Holy Spirit working through intercessory prayer brought healing to the sick, restore the ability to walk again, protection from evil, restore life to the dead, and provide financial need and much more miracles. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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