Kia Kërr

Born and raised in Atlanta Ga. Kia challenges the entertainment world to open its ears to a new sound. Her sultry, smooth, expressive voice pierces the listeners as she creates melodic harmonies over pop, jazz, and hip-hop beats using her natural vibrato and sweet tone. Singing and performing since the age of 7, Kia has the experience to captivate all audiences. Her unique and fresh approach to creating her music allows her to be set apart from others in her field, and opens a door of originality for her to take the lead.

She has performed at countless concerts, and local venues and brings a humble presence to the stage. She strives to be a light in the entertainment industry by creating songs that inspire true hope. Writing and arranging her own vocals gives her an edge that compels producers to craft and compose music around her gift of song.

Music is her passion, joy, and love. She aspires to reach the masses through her creations. If you are looking for music that you can move to, speaks to you, puts a smile on your face, and carries a message of hope…You’ve made the right choice!



Website: kiakerrcom

iTunes: Life, Love, & Hope

Facebook: Kia Kerr

Twitter: @kiakerrmusic

CD Baby: Shine

Instagram: Kia Kerr Music